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Hyalogy Platinum Lotion

Sales price £107.00
Hyalogy Platinum Lotion is a soothing lotion composed of three bio-technological complexes with powerful antioxidant properties and deep skin moisturizing.
This a miracle product containing a special ferrite magnet of Germanium, Silver and Copper which prevents oxidation and ensures deep penetration of the platinum. It dramatically firms loose, flabby skin, reduces hyperpigmentation and helps eliminate spots and blemishes caused by inflammation of comedones (black heads). The lotion is based on a primary complex of low-molecular ionized platinum patented by Forlle’d. Platinum has the effect of deactivating all reactive oxygen types and intensifying the action of other antioxidants. This complex also includes a special ferrite magnet of germanium, silver and copper, which prevents oxidation and ensures deep penetration of the platinum. Enzymatic processes are intensified to prevent moisture evaporating and create a reserve of moisture deep down in the skin. The second complex based on low-molecular hyaluronic acid and 7 amino acids provides the skin with polysaccharides, which are vital for recovery of functions within the dermal matrix. Bio-membrane peptides help regulate and protect the skin by promoting cell regeneration. The third complex is based on extracts of Mediterranean aloe, chlorella and kudzu. Chlorella stimulates metabolism in the cells, improving the hydration process and stabilizing the ionic balance. Aloe extract effectively protects against oxidants and repairs the damage they cause. The combination of aloe and kudzu also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Suitability: Suitable for oily, hyperpigmentation skin of any age. Particularly recommended for mature atonic skin. 

Active ingredients: Ionized platinum, Low-molecular hyaluronic acid, Pearl protein, Ceramides-3, Vitamin E, Amino acids

Method of application: Apply to cleansed facial skin including the eyelids, neck and decollete. It can be used as an independent product or in combination with any Forlle'd serum. Finish with your recommend Forlled moisturiser.