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Hyalogy Emulsion for Men

Sales price £121.00
This special lotion for male skin was developed using innovative low-molecular weight ingredients and traditional Japanese herbal extracts.
This ultra-light cream is developed specifically for daily skin care in men, which requires gentle but effective soothing and regenerating effects. This emulsion is enriched with plant extracts that have powerful antibacterial, soothing and wound healing effects. This high-technology formula provides a complex solution to skin issues by providing effective antibacterial protection, intensive regeneration and preventing dehydration and ageing of skin. This product has a very light texture and is comfortable to the skin of males.

Suitability: Suitable for all skin types and any age. Particularly recommended for dry skin in need of a 'lift'.  Use only after consultation with a cosmetologist.

Active ingredients: Low-molecular hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed protein, hydrolyzed pearl protein (conchiolin), micro- and macro-element complex, amino acid complex.

Method of application: Apply to cleansed facial skin including the eyelids, neck and decollete. It can be used as an independent product or in combination with any Forlle'd serum.