Hyalogy facial


75 MINUTES £250

Ideal facial for all skin types

A process that was previously only available via injection or mesotherapy. Dead skin and impurities are swept away with a unique quadruple cleansing system popular in Japan & designed to maintain the skin PH and remove oil and water-soluble contaminants.

This a multi-method bespoke facial aimed to deliver results through a combination of techniques depending on skin concerns and type. Incorporating traditional massage techniques combined with non-invasive technologies and equipment, such as chemical peeling, lymphatic drainage, LED light therapy, micro-current, ultrasound, cryotherapy and oxygen with custom-blended skincare are used in this treatment.

This results in smoother lines, finer wrinkles and skin that is hydrated, toned and glowing with youthful vitality.

Although the results are noticeable after one treatment, a course of 6-8 is recommended for long-lasting results.




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