Pre peel/ dermal rolling advice

A skin peel is a complex procedure with certain inherent risks. If you follow your therapists advice and directions, the risk of complications in this procedure is small. Anything that you do against your therapists advice increases the chances of your having complications.

You will be well informed as to what you can and cannot do during peeling. It will be your responsibility to follow this advice since you will be caring for your skin at home. There are certain conditions that may require postponement of your peel.

These include inflamed acne lesions open cuts or scratches on your face active cold sores on lips or face any facial surgery within 3 months, including a facelift or eyelid surgery

Please do not use the following in the seven days prior to your peel.

Depilatey creams on the face

Facial wax Hair dyes

We also recommend that if you are planning collagen replacement therapy or Botox that you leave it a minimum of 3 weeks before or after a peel.

TWO weeks prior to the treatment stop taking oral Vitamin C,

STOP taking anti inflammatory medication, and especially STOP taking any Aspirin.

Postpeel / derma rolling  After Care

No sunlight

No exercise or sweating

No picking, rubbing, or unnecessary touching the face

No shower spray hitting the face

Minimize facial expressions

Sleep on your back

Avoid alcohol / coffee for first 48 hours

No spa’s

No direct heat to face.

DO NOT pick, scratch, or rub your skin during the peeling process. This is to avoid damaging the new skin cells which could cause scarring or changes in your pigmentation.

We recommend that you drink 8 glasses of water in the 12 hours immediately after your peel.

Do not apply make-up till after the peeling had finished.

Within the first few days avoid alcohol, coffee and direct heat as this will encourage the face to heat up.

Avoid hot spas and exercise that will cause you to perspire. When showering, do not allow the shower to directly spray on your face.

Your skin will probably become very dry, and some cracks may develop. We recommend that you moisturise with the recommend products in your  aftercare care pack. This can be applied up to 4 times per day. It will stop your skin from over drying and will make it feel more comfortable.

Follow up appointment with your therapist a week after the peel. Recommence your skin care regime (as recommended by your therapist) after the peeling process has completed or two weeks post peel.


Wash gently - don’t use washing as an excuse to accelerate the peeling process.

Don’t use a facecloth. gently apply the cleanser to your face with your hands.

Don’t let the shower beat on your face

If you wash your hair, wash it with your head tilted backward in the shower after a moisturising lotion has been applied to your face.



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